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Knee prob.

I am 22 yrs old i have had 2 total knee recon. on my knees. I have just hurt my knee in jan. and been going through the process of PT and doc vists. But i just went and got an MRI on my Right knee. Everything came back normal but one thing is bothering me. The MRI report said: with note of mild myxoid degeneration in the posterior medial meniscal horn.
  Can someone help me understand??
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Myxoid degeneration  is the result of aging and also wear and tear of your mensiscus. Meniscal tears can be either traumatic or degenerative in nature and aggravated due to your past injury and also the 2 operations you had undergone.

Horizontal tears usually occur in older population. This type of tear extends from the inner free margin peripherally to the inside of the meniscus substance which causes some degeneration of the tissue called myxoid degeneration.

You need to follow up with an orthopedician and must put yourself under observation. If required your orthopedician may consider meniscectomy or meniscal repair in the future.

Take care!
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thank you for your help..i will find a new doc!
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knee problems
by jbadam01, 16 hours ago
some background, i fell 15 ft face first on concrete patio, ruptured c6c7 disc in kneck, brok right wrist and left elbow, i ended up with 2 bone bruises, a bakers cyst, torn meniscus and frayed carteledge in right knee, the specialist told me i had pateller tendonitis and that part of my tendon was dead and not getting oxygen like it should.  Since then if i walk for any amount of distance i have bad knee pain, or go up or downstairs, or put all weight on it, i have used a cane since 2006, now that u have the background, i just had a new mri, even though it didnt have the special views that my last one had, but anyway the report said 1, enchondroma, most likely 8 x 6.9 mm present at the diaphyseal/metaphyseal junction, and it appears to be a benign process. and 2nd, fabella posterior to the lateral femoral condylar region, and 3rdly, on axial fat saturated images, this area measures approximately 7.6 mm in ap dimension slightly to the right of midline.  Can anyone tell me what these things are or mean?

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