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Knee replacement

I had a total knee replacement done over 14 weeks ago and still have quite a bit discomfort.  My knee down to my ankle will swell and I get a burning sensation that will last for hours.   I have been to the doctors several times and i am being told that this is normal and could last up to 1 year.  I had the other knee replaced and didn't have anywhere near the pain I am having with this knee.   Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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Hi there!

Recovery from knee replacement may take 3-5 months to an year. The recovery time may not be the same for both legs even in the same individual and is dependent on a number of other factors as well. However possibilities like DVT, infections, inflammation etc that could cause similar symptoms would need to be ruled out in the situation. If your doctor believes that it is normal, complications are unlikely. You may benefit from keeping the leg elevated, applying ice-packs, physiotherapy and some NSAIDS for pain relief.
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Take care!
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Am 10 weeks out from surgery total knee replacement, rt. leg and was doing so well until last week.  Pain started around the knee and a week later after doing the icing, ibuprofen and tylenol with codeine,  my pain has escalated to a 9 out of 10 as of last night.  It does not appear to be an infection as  per my doctor, he just told me to do the above and call if things worsened. I called this morning and nobody can see me until Monday...Just called in stronger pain med. even though have no idea what is going on.  What are the possibilities?  Would torn scar tissue really cause me this much pain in the entire leg?  Have not done anything out of the ordinary which would have precipitated this.
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