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Labrum Tear with FAI and bersitis...where do I go from here?

I am a 22 year old cosmetologist and make up artist, and I am always on my feet. In March 09 while playing Super-Hula on the Wii, I felt a pop in my right hip and it hurt like heck!  I didnt pay much attention to the pain, because I thought I was just out of shape. After about 6 weeks of pain I went to see my doctor who did all the test to show that I have 2 tears in the labrum, and FAI (in both hips.) I also have bersitis (which is getting worse by the day.) I was supposed to have surgery, but I didnt feel comfortable.

I have found that there is 90% failure rate with arthroscopy procedure, and that a lot of people have to have a THR within a few years from this type of surgery.  I have also found that this type of surgery has been around since 1980, and yet my doctor (who specialized in this) acted like everything was brand new. Recovery also seems to be something everyone underestimates, I just want answers and noone seems to have any. I feel lost and misguided. I am in pain everyday, all day, and all night. The only time I get a full night sleep is when I go to gym and wear myself out. I just want to get back to my life.

I am wondering if I should just have the FAI fixed and leave the tear until I can no longer walk? or if I should just wait until I can't take it anymore to have any type of surgery? Or if I should go straight to the THR? I just don't want to ruin my life with a surgery that won't work.
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