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Leg and knee pain

I fell and 2 weeks ago with severe bruising and continued pain in my  right knee cap and the front of right leg, almost a burning sensation
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Given your symptoms you may want to have the knee looked at by a doctor now, maybe some xrays taken, for starters. You might have a number of issues going on at the same time. This I know, speaking from fractures in my patella and tibial plateau in the past...You need your knees for a LONG time. Take care of them like you would your eyes. Knee surgery has been the most difficult and lengthy to rehab of all of mine. You don't realize HOW much you use your knees til you hurt one.
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You might have had some ligament tears due to the fall and subsequent injury so these symptoms. Get an MRI done and also rule out any bony damage by an X-ray.

Only after a proper diagnosis you can consider the right kind of treatment, you should go ahead to an orthopedician as it is already 15 days from the accident.

Apply ice packs, take pain killers and rest till properly diagnosed.

Take care!
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