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Leg problems

Hello, I have a few questions. My wife has been having pains behind her knees for about 4-5 months now. I can feel a pop in her knee when she extends her leg out. She has these pains when she walks, and she can have them when she is not even doing anything physical such as sitting or lying down. Sometimes her pains are so intense that she can't walk.

She has seen a doctor about this problem and the doctor referred her to a physical therapist without even attempting to diagnose her problem or even take an x-ray. She has attended physical therapy for 3 months now and the problem has only increased. She just went back to her doctor today because she had a pain episode last night that was unbearable. Her doctor told her she was overweight and that is what is causing her leg to hurt; and once again, no x-ray or anything. My wife is overweight, she has a BMI of 28, but would this seriously cause this kind of problem with her leg? I really don't know what to do anymore because she is obviously not going to get any help from the doctor. I wish she could just switch her care provider but we are in the military and it isn't that easy.

So, I guess I have two questions. What could be wrong with her leg, and should I file some kind of complaint against her doctor?
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As far as diagnosis, treatment or cure, more information is needed . Regarding the unbearable knee pain, you should consider a arthritis cause or a severe ligment injury .

I'm former army surgeon,I know it's hard to do somthing in army.

Take care!

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As far as injuries she says that she has never had any injuries. According to her, the pain comes and goes randomly. I asked her specifically if it is triggered by any kind of physical activities such as walking or exercise and she said no. The pain occurs directly behind her left knee, and sometimes on the front left side of the knee. I can easily feel a pop in the front left side of the knee when her leg is extended.

When she went to physical therapy, the physical therapist pressed on her knee several times in different locations and also extended and contracted her leg to see if there was any pain, but she felt no pain. Her physical therapist said that her mechanics are off. So they have been doing exercises with her 4 days a week for about 3 months now. Her leg has not improved any, in fact, it continues to get worse. This is all of the information I have.

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