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Level 2 - 3 Ankle Sprain: How do I know if the ligament is torn?

I sprained my ankle really bad while playing baseball, I leaped for the base with my right foot forward, and landed half on the base. I rolled it to the right when I landed on it, then rolled it left as I tried to counter balance and my center of gravity came over it, and then it gave out and I hyper-extended it as I fell forward and rolled over.

The pain was so bad, it lasted for an hour until it got so bad I had to go to the hospital. My heartrate was at 120, I was breathing fast. They gave me some pain killers and a needle and the pain went away.

I got an xray and they said it wasn't broken. The dr didn't say how severe it was, he said that within 10 days I should be able to put some pressure on it and walk without crutches.

Here's a pic of day 1 after the hospital.


Day 2 I woke up and my foot was a sausage. It just kept getting bigger, and bruising started appearing all along my foot and my toes. I had bruising on my high ankle, and the bottom left and right of my heel.

Here's a pic of day 4


Over the next week and a half, bruising appeared and went away on my shin as well. The swelling very slowly went down as the bruising got worse. I was on crutches and couldn't put any weight on the ankle during this time.

Here's a pic of Day 13


By day 13 the swelling on the toes and foot had gone down, but the ankle was still pretty swollen as you can see.

It's now Day 16, and I'm barely hobbling around on my ankle. It's still really swollen, and it's really sore. So I went to the hospital today, and got another xray to make sure it wasn't broken.

I was in and out of the drs office in literally 2 minutes because it was a fill-in dr.  I told him I was worried that it was more than a normal sprain, he gave me an xray appointment, and told me to come back in 2 weeks if it's still bothering me like this, and then they can do an MRI to see if there was a ligament tear.

So I'm wondering if that makes sense...

Whats the normal timeline to do the test to see if it's a tear?  From what I've been reading, I have a severity 2 sprain, and possibly a severity 3.  I feel like since it's not a normal level 1 sprain, and I'm having these symptoms after 16 days, shouldn't I get tested to see if it was torn?
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