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Ligament/muscle pain in knee, gradual onset - any ideas?

Today I have been to the doc who tells me my knee pain is due to a strained/inflamed ligament and perhaps muscle. It came on gradually in september, but I have before been having mild intermittent pains in my medial ligaments, just this one has worsened rather. It is far worse when I walk regularly etc, to the point of hobbling quite badly after a few days of walks of say an hour's duration. I need to get my weight down so I also do need to walk (vicious circle). I have been adviced to do swimming, take Ibuprofen when walking any distance and ensure I wear good foot wear that is impact absorbent. Questions: Anyone knows how long this can take to go away? Would cycling be OK (forgot to ask). Any other good ideas? Weight loss, I know. What kind of shoes are good for this? I am being referred for physio.
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  Just a comment maybe to help you with your knee problem.  Perhaps you might invest in a slip over knee brace,  and wear it while you are walking or doing anyother exercises.  It probably wouldn't be a fix,  but at least it may give you peace of mind with the extra support.  

  Be glad you don't have my knee problem,  I actually tore the one ligament,  and will get the MRI results in a couple of days.   Good luck.  Also, you can purchase a knee brace at a drug store,  or a sporting goods store.  Or maybe even a wal-mart.  

            Sincerely,   Dan
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I have bad knee problem..i wore cross country shoes as told and a brace and my knee kept dislocating...i hurt it in softball...but my pain was minimal the it got worse all of a sudden..i just had surgery on it 3 weeks ago but it is still dislocating.  Thy sell knee braces at walmart or rite aid or cvs...it mite be best to ask ur doctor to get you one since thos would be a lot better.

Hope you feel better  soon!
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