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Line Dancing after knee surgery

I had my second knee replaced 3 1/2 months ago. The first one was in November and I had no problems. This one is different. I know that no two knee replacements are alike but I am just curious. I went back to line dancing after 2 months with the first one and not problems.
Now when I dance one day I am in total pain the next day and limp. Is this normal?

I have been reading the different comments but on the whole I feel that the surgery is a lot better than not having it.  The doctor told me that recovery is 6 months to a year and I was just wondering should I postpone line dancing for a little while longer.

The doctor told me to walk, walk, walk and that can be painful also,

Love to dance.
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Have you informed your doctor that you are walking and this is painful too.  What is his next suggestion?  Did he send you to PT?  If so, can he send you back.  Perhaps your gait is of, thereby causing you pain.  It could be somethine else so that's why you need to discuss it with him.
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