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Lisfranc Joint Injury

My mother is suffering from pain in the LISFRANC JOINT SECTION of her both her feet since two years now. The pain is not severe enough to stop her from walking but still when she walks, the pain disturbs her a little. She did not have an accident and there was no fracture in the X-Ray, Doctors here have recommended some pain killers but they are not the solution to the problem. Does Anybody have a better solution or suggestion. Please Reply.
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Lisfranc's joint is the joint where the mid foot attaches to the long bones in the ball of the foot through which the toes attach to the foot.   This is also known as the tarso-metatarsal joint.

A Lisfranc's dislocation is where one or several of the metatarsal bones become misaligned with the bones of the mid foot.  Small chip fractures are often associated with this condition, but the biggest problem is the dislocation itself, which can be very debilitating when left untreated.

A non weight bearing cast may be attempted in some cases, but in the majority of cases surgery is performed so talk with an orthopedician.

You can use ice packs and ibuprofen to relieve her of the pain till then.

Take care!

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Thankyou Dr. Vinod for taking the time to reply.
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