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Long Lasting Knee Pain

For the past month and a half my left knee has been hurting off and on. The pain seems to be on the outside of the knee. It throbs when I sit for long periods of time or if I set Indian Style or cross legged. Sometimes when I get up to walk if hurts really bad for a minute and feels like it is gonna give. I know I prob need to go to the doctor but ahy ideas as to what it could be would be helpful. I am 27 with 2 kids so I stay on the go all the time.
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If you have pain while extending your knee then it might be due to the quadriceps tendon sprain. Quadriceps is the muscle on the front of thigh.

If you have pain while you flex your left knee then it sure is due to hamstrings.

The other ligament which might be involved on the lateral side of knee is lateral collateral ligament.

I would suggest you to go for an orthopedic examination for proper diagnosis but before that use ice packs and some pain killers and rest.

Take care!
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