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Looking for Symphysiotomy Surgeon

I am a MtF transgender woman who has fully transitioned through numerous surgeries (face, breasts, genitalia). Appearing 100% "passable" in the new gender is of utmost importance to a transgender person so that they can be fully accepted in their new gender and not have to be concerned with being discovered as trans. Plastic surgeons have become adept at altering bone structure of the face to aid in passability, breast surgery is widely available, and SRS has advanced greatly in recent years thanks to the work of some pioneering surgeons in Thailand.

However, the male pelvis remains a dead give-away and a major area of concern for any trans woman. The overall width of the male pelvis precludes the appearance of a natural female figure. Even worse though is the very unnatural appearance caused by the narrow width of the male pubic arch, causing inappropriate appearance of thigh separation, buttocks shape, and hip width.

So, I'm looking for an orthopedic surgeon who is willing to discuss with me the possibility of performing a symphysiotomy for the purpose of widening the pubic arch. My understanding is that modern techniques have greatly reduced the risks of this surgery and that a permanent increase of 1 cm in the symphysis pubis is common when performed for childbirth. Could this permanent increase be deliberately increased to 2 or even 3 cm?


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Were you ever successful in finding a surgeon for this?
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You would need to discuss this with the orthopedic surgeon. I recommend if you have a good rapport with your plastic surgeon that perhaps he can give you a recommendation who to see for an orthopedic surgeon.  
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