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Looking for good doctor who can and will help - please

I've been in pain for 12 years.  When it started, I was relocating and didn't have insurance.  The medical care I've been getting has been horrible.  Many times, they would just take an x-ray and say "your young (then 30's) and we don't see anything in the x-rays so we think a psychiatrist will solve your problem".  It took 9 YEARS to get my first MRI.

I have several herniated discs with tears.  I am still in pain.  No one has been able to verify if the disc problems are causing the pain in my feet (after 9 years of misdiagnosis, the MRI's show no plantar fasciitis).  

My insurance is a problem and so is my finances.  I have Medicare and Medicaid (presently in NY).  I can not afford out of pocket expenses because due to this, I have lost everything - savings, friends, finances, home, pets, everything.

I'm in my early 40's now and running out of time.  A MRI several months ago missed a tumor my gyn found in an ultrasound, so now I question what else has been missed.

I know there are treatments for the discs available, such as laser procedures and I've read good things about the new stem cell treatments.  But doctors who perform these either don't take my insurance, or they take only Medicare and won't waive the co-pay.  I can not afford any out-of-pocket expense since my only income is Disability and I've no one left to help.

I've tried most treatments already, anti-inflammatories, gabapentin, muscle relaxers, otc, narcotics, and others I can't even remember.  I've tried physical therapy.  I've tried over the years more than 100 doctors, hospitals, teaching hospitals, clinics, etc and they just don't seem to listen or want to help, telling me the same things over and over again and not hearing a word i say.

Can anyone please point me in the right direction to find a good doctor who can and will help?  Please??

I'm also looking for a good dentist willing to help too because my teeth were destroyed by having work done at a dental school, they over-drilled and never corrected anything.  Now approx. half of my teeth are breaking, or ready to come out (post and crown) and my insurance will only cover having the teeth removed, so I suffer in pain with that too, unable to chew comfortably and hoping I won't get infected cause I won't let them remove all my teeth like that, they did enough damage already.

PLEASE HELP so I can finally help myself again before I'm too old to do anything but suffer anymore!!

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Hi there!

An MRI provides very precise images and is unlikely to have missed anything; though it is possible that the MRI had been looking at a different region than the ultrasound, where the tumour would not have been detected. Between USG and MRI, the MRI is a more precise investigation. Well, without knowing the relevant clinical details it would be difficult to comment specifically on the situation. Management with disc herniations would depend on the severity of the condition, type of herniation, associated complications, feasibility, age etc. While conservative management with rest, anti-inflammatory medications and physiotherapy to strengthen the back muscles is preferred in mild-moderate cases, interventional/ surgical management is usually recommended with moderate to severe cases or in cases where conservative management has been ineffective. I would suggest consulting an orthopedician for a detailed evaluation and suggestion of an appropriate management plan. You could possible start by searching the yellow pages for a list of orthopedicians specializing in spine and willing to accept your insurance before seeking patient review and decoding on a doctor.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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