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Loose bodies in knee

Hello, for the last few years I have noticed that underneath my skin on my knee i can feel little pieces of something. There is one that is the size of a pea and the other is bigger. I can move them around with my finger. It is right on my knee cap. I have had runners knee and had a few falls on my knee in my life. It does not hurt that bad unless I stand or walk for a while. Im assuming its loose bodies/cartilage but im not sure if you can have those by the surface of your skin above the kneecap? What do you think this is and should I see a doctor for treatment?  I hope this makes sense!
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Hi. Is this new?  We do have the bursa at our knee cap and we can have bursitis.  The bigger moving lump may be your bursa. It WILL move. Does it hurt to kneel on your knee for more than a moment? You could have a cyst, a tumor (don't panic, often benign), gout.  These all could also cause lumps in that area. https://www.healthgrades.com/right-care/bones-joints-and-muscles/knee-lump I think that if it isn't causing you any discomfort, I'd schedule a physical for sometime in the future and mention it then.  We all should get physicals annually so that's a good time to talk about this. If it is painful or starts to cause more issues, then schedule an appointment sooner.  I would think to start off, your primary care doctor can direct you if you need further evaluation for an orthopod.
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