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Lump/Protrusion outside of leg just below knee cap

Hello! I'm an almost 57yo active male and just recently a small (silver dollar size) lump or protrusion, bony in appearance, has developed along the outside of my right leg located approximately 1" to 1-1/2" below the midline of my kneecap. In addition, I began to experience some "popping or clicking" sounds in this knee starting in my early 30's which have come and gone over the years without any noticeable pain or swelling. However, this recent development of the protrusion or lump was preceded by more noticeable "popping or clicking" sounds which I had begun to chalk up to age and some recent considerable physical activity from a home landscpaing project I've begun this spring involving a lot of bending, squatting and general use of my legs. This protrusion would appear to be about where the top of fibula would be located. To the touch, it feels firm with no signs of heat and there is only a very, very slight discomfort if pressed on firmly with no localized discoloration. At this point it seems like more of a physical appearance defecit although it has only become noticeable in the last few days and I wouldn't want to take anything for granted too long. Any thoughts, opinions, ideas or suggestions would be most welcome.
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Commonly it can be a cyst, abscess, injury, callous, ligament damage etc.

It can be a bony problem and also can be a lateral epicodyle or a prominent condyle of the bone.

Go for an X-ray and follow up with an orthopedician for a diagnosis.

Take care!

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I have the exact same thing verbatim.
Thanks Much
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