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Lump on arm

About a month ago, I noticed a lump on my arm below the elbow.  It is completely painless. I went to my GP to said he suspected it was a ganglion cyst and ordered a sonogram.  The person who took the sonogram said she could see absolutely nothing.  I am waiting to hear back from my GP re the sonogram results.  I am absolutely terrified of the possibility of a future bone biopsy.  Has anyone on this board had one and how painful is it?  By the way, I am a senior citizen and am wondering if this lump could be some form of arthritiis.

A reply would be greatly appreciated.
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The first thing i want to convey to you that diagnosis of your case is important for proper treatment and care. It can be  an infection, sebaceous cyst, malignancy , skin cancer , fracture , haematoma , callus formation , scar tissue , lymphadenopathy , elbow injury If your doctor suspects a  malignancy you should go for the biopsy. He will do it under anesthesia and you have to understand that diagnosis of your case is important. Take care!
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