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Lump on rib after mountain bike crash

About 6 weeks ago I came off my mountain bike by flipping onto my back at around 20-30mph. The impact was mainly on my left side and was hard enough to knock the wind out of me. I was wearing a water bag, which probably helped protect my spine. I didn't take a direct impact to the front of my ribs as far as I remember. It happened very quickly.
I had a lot of pain initially for around two weeks on the front, left hand side of my ribs. I got this checked out, which I was told was probably not a fracture and would heal within 4-6 weeks. The nurse checked to make sure I hadn't done any lung damage.
However, when laying on my back, I still get a bit of pain, similar to a muscle pull on the front and there seems to be a hard lump on the 7th or 8th rib down. It feels too hard to be a muscle and I could describe it as the feel of a golf ball under the skin (not as big).
I thought I might be being a bit of a hypochondriac, but my other half says she can definitely feel it. Is it possible to knock the rib out of alignment without fracturing it? Does this mean that I'm likely to break it if I fall off my bike again? And will the the ribs lose their strength or spring? I'll make a doctors appointment if it doesn't go away in the next week or two.
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"probably" not a fracture? Was an x-ray not taken?
No, it's not a displaced fracture of the rib, you would have punctured your lung by now.
Does it hurt when you breath in, breath out, no difference?
It hurts only when on your back? Does the lump move under the skin? Fell hard, soft? Can you squeeze it and change it's shape?
You could have torn the cartilage between the ribs, and this is injury point inflammation.
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Many thanks EdwardPB,
The harsh pain from breathing doesn't hurt as much now. And only if I breath in deeply. If I stretch up or lay on my back I feel some pain. From what you said, it may be the ribs pulling on each other a bit and not fully healed. If I push the front left of my ribs, particularly at the bottom, I get a bit of pain too. Again, much less pain than I felt a couple of weeks ago though.

No X-Ray was taken. The doctor didn't feel it was needed, but didn't really explain what was wrong. I didn't ask enough questions probably.

The lump feels a bit like chicken cartilage over bone but doesn't really move.

Thanks again,
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You should get a simple X-ray chest done to rule out any possible rib fracture, callous formation or haematoma / collection of blood due to the impact.

Use warm and cold compress and take NSAIDs such as ibuprofen to decrease your pain and inflammation.

It can also be a soft tissue injury which will heal by itself.

For further complications you have to follow up with an orthopedician.

Take care!
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I have the same thing from an impact to my right side ribs on my back just below my shoulder blade.  Did you ever figure out what this was?  
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I have the same thing 4 weeks after soccer collision with goal post.  X-rays were negative.  Not sure if I should go back to doctor.  Only bothers me when lying on back and streching.  But definitely hard nonmoveable bump on top of bone?
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