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Lump under big toe in joint.

I've had a lump the size of pea under my big toe in the joint for about 3mo.  I had my podiatrist aspirated it today and all that was released was 2mc of blood.  He was surprised there could that much blood in the toe.  He said to wait two weeks for a follow up, and then may need an MRI.  If its not a cyst could it be a tumor?  Has me anxious.  
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Hello, welcome. Thank you for the question but sorry for your situation. It sounds like your doctor was surprised to see blood. What has happened with the bump since? Once aspirated, is it shrunken? If so, it indeed was likely a cyst. If not, further investigation is warranted. Have you followed up with your doctor as of yet? I think that your doctor is wanting to see what the bump does and if further investigation is warranted. Do not panic, he is taking good care of you.  Please let us know if there is any update.
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