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MAKI Partial knee replacement surgery

Is someone willing to comment on their experience with the MAKI partial knee replacement surgery? I'm having knee pain a year following partial medial meniscus surgery a year ago & looking at all options. My knee soreness has never really gone away. I'm a 58 yr old runner who used to be very active and am very frustrated with my treatment so far. My Ortho is suggesting Synvisc injections, but I'm looking for a more durable outcome. Thanks!
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See post by cmd2468 Im 48 post op 6 wks
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Hi there!

Well, without the relevant clinical details it would be inappropriate to comment on the best advised management plan in your case. Though knee replacements work well, one must keep in mind that this would be a major surgery and may last just 8-15 years. I would suggest discussing the available options in detail with your orthopedician. If in doubt you may seek a second opinion with another orthopedician.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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