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I had an MRI of Lumbosacral spine done recently. The report says the following:
INTERVERTEBRAL DISCS: L4 & L5 disca show minimal bulge causing no thecal sac or root compression.
IMPRESSION: MRI of lumbosacral spine shows
1. Mild canal stenosis at L4-L5 level.
2. Minimal bulge of L4-L5 & L5-S1 discs.
3. No thecal sac or root compression.
4. Normal sacrococcygeal segments.

Please help me with regard to this problem. I have been hit by recession & cannot afford a doctors fee.
Awaiting your reply at the earliest.
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hi subash,
how are you? I can;t believe that you can afford and MRI but can't afford a doctor??
Well your MRI is showing some slip disc features but it's not significant enough to create big problems unless you are a computer guy( i mean sitting a lot) or driving a lot or doing strenous work.

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