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MRI - results


There is a small joint effusion, smaller than previously seen.

Trace amount of fluid in the expected region of the popliteal

(Baker's) cyst is seen.

The anterior cruciate ligament is intact.

The posterior cruciate ligament is intact.

The extensor mechanism is unremarkable.

The medial collateral ligament is intact.

The lateral collateral ligament, the biceps tendon, and the distal

iliotibial band is unremarkable.

Medial meniscus: Unchanged in appearance. Degenerative intrasubstance

signal involving the posterior horn and junction of the posterior horn

with body, without convincing extension to the meniscal surface to

suggest a superimposed tear. Trace amount of intermediate signal

involving the free edge of the medial meniscus body suggestive of

superficial fraying. Cartilage flap measuring approximately 1.3 x 0.4

cm involving the lateral weightbearing aspect of the medial femoral

condyle, with small underlying subchondral cyst, more pronounced than

before. This is best seen on coronal image 8 series 5, and sagittal

image 9 series 7. Cartilage thinning involving the medial tibial

plateau, without a discrete fluid-filled cartilage signal.

The lateral meniscus is intact. Cartilage surfaces in the lateral

compartment are intact.

Early chondromalacia involving the inferior aspect of the junction of

the facets of the femoral trochlea with heterogeneous cartilage signal

in this region, without a discrete fluid-filled cartilage defect. The

cartilage surfaces in the patellofemoral compartment are otherwise



1. A 1.3 cm cartilage flap involving the lateral aspect of

the medial femoral condyle. This is in the area of previously seen

degenerative bone cyst.

2. Stable appearance of the medial meniscus with degenerative

intrasubstance signal involving the posterior horn and junction of the

posterior horn and body, without MR apparent discrete superimposed

tear identified.

3. Tiny joint effusion, decreased in size from prior

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