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MRI scan

I have been having back problems for about 27 years now and i am only 35, i had my first ever x-ray about a month ago which shows the L5-S1 disc gap very tight whereas all the other discs look healthy.
My G.P. mentioned OsteoArthritis from his letter regarding the x-ray.
I have been referred to Physio and had an initial assesment where the consultant said that it looks like Degenerative Disc Disease, he said the only way to determine this better is by having an MRI scan, on going back to my G.P. and telling him this, he said he cannot authorise an MRI scan or refer me to a back specialist, all i have is a bit of backache and i am on the mend,
I visited the dentist yesterday for a filling and once the dentist had finished, i couldn't get out of the chair, i have 3 children, an 11 year old, a 2 year old and a 6 month old, i cannot pick up the two youngest as it is too painful.
That to me tells me that it is more than just backache and it is not on the mend and something needs doing.

What is your advice?
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saw a different doctor yesterday and got referred to a specialist, gonna see him in march, will keep u posted
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Hi,sorry to know that.
I think that more important to you is where pain come from rather than DDD diagnosis.

Basically,I think that pain was due to soft tissue(ligment and tendon)injuries,which can lead to inflammation spread and stimulated your nerves,To treat this condition,find accurate location of inflammation will play main role, Because no-surgery treatment only works for inflammation from outside of spinal cord (acupuncture,chiro,osteopathy,physio...),if inflammation located in spinal cord inside, perhaps surgery is only option,even there are quite low successful rate.

so,you should go to see good doctor.Good luck!
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