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Medial and Lateral Ankle Sprain Treatment

Two years ago I went over on my ankle, inwards first then outwards, hearing a pop on both occasions. I was in agony! I went to the A&E department (twice) who discharged me with the diagnosis of a minor sprain and told me to begin mobilisation exercises the following day (10 minutes every hour) and to try to walk on the foot normally. My ankle bruised inside and out from my toes to the top of my ankle and I was unable to bear any weight (without crutches this was a bit of a nightmare!). It wasn't until 6 months later, after having been referred to an Ortho consultant by my GP, that I was told that I had Ruptured my ATFL ligament and a severe sprain of the Deltoid Ligament and associated swelling of the Os Naviculare.

If this diagnosis had been made on my first visit to A&E, what should the treatment have been?
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Hi there!

Ideally rest for a few days and limited movement and weight bearing would have been advised for 1-4 weeks to be followed by physiotherapy; in addition to pain relieving measures such as ice-packs, anti-inflammatory medications etc.
Hope this information is helpful.

Take care!
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