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Medial meniscus surgery 2 yrs on


I underwent an arthroscopy on my knee for a 20% cartilage tear in my right medial meniscus in early 2006. The operation was successful. I ran a marathon in 2007, and although slower than my usual time frame my knee held up very well.

My question is this; Recently, after running and following my stretching regime, I have experienced tightening of the knee in question, and then the following morning a swelling at the back of the knee on the medial side appeared.  It seems to clear within a couple of days, and in fact does not always return following further running or walking. Do you have any inclination whether this is common following a cartilage op. and do you consider they are even necessarily related?

Thanks for your attention.
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Hello Dear,
The success of a meniscus repair is most dependent on two factors. First, if the meniscus repair is attempted on a tear in the central portion of cartilage (where the blood supply is poor), it is likely to fail. Second, patients must be compliant with the post-operative rehabilitation after a meniscus repair. Rehabilitation following a meniscus repair is more significant than if the torn piece of meniscus is simply removed.Your symptoms might have appeared due to over exertion and as such nothing serious is presumed.You can see your physician for a normal checkup.
Refer http://orthopedics.about.com/cs/meniscusinjuries1/a/meniscusrepair.htm
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Thanks for your reply.
As I said, the swelling at the rear of my meniscus tear knee, appears rarely, but all the same it is a concern. Would you think could be a side effect, the swelling, of the arthroscopy, or is this unlikely. My initial thought was that it is connected, by wondered if that was the case, why did it manigfest itself in this way?
On the same token, after 26 miles of a marathon, in humid conditions, the swelling was not present, so it appears to be somewhat random.
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