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Medical Terms

Looking for definitions of the following medical terms..

Medullary space-

Thanks for your help!
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Interosseous is pertaining to an area between bones or a structure, such as a ligament, connecting two bones.
Distal is the distant end of a finger or bone and the proximal is the nearest end.
Medial is the side opposite to the outer or lateral for e.g. the medial side of the knee is the side closest to the other knee.
Meduallary space is the space in the centre of the bone and also the space between cells filled with marrow in a bone.
Craniocaudal is used for viewing; the rays of X-ray enter through the head (cranial end) and leave from the tail (caudal end).

Take care!
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Thank you for your help! My doc's explained everything on my MRI but I wanted to break it down word by word from the MRI report.

Knowledge is power!

Thanks again,
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