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Meniscus Tear, Limping, and OA Hips

My husband had a left knee medial menicus tear in 1991 due to a sports type injury, in 1998 they told him he tore it again, he had part of it removed in 1991, and in 1998 had PT and it "healed" although he has had residual pain since then. In 1998 he was also told he had arthritis in that knee. He has had a limp since I met him in 1997 (not sure how long he limped before that)and he used a cane and brace until he lost that legin Oct 2011. In 2002 we found out he also had mild arthritis in his spine, 2010 the spine is now moderate, and in 2011 we were told he had mild arthritis in both hips.  Today we were told that the arthritis in his hips and spine could not be caused by the injury in 1991 and the resulting limp. Can anyone tell me if it is possible for that injury and the resulting limp to have cause the other arthritis and if you think it is possible can you post any research that can support a positive connection? Thank you for any help you can provide.
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Hi there!

Osteoarthritis is largely an age and ‘wear and tear’ related entity and can be aggravated by trauma/ injury. The arthritis in the knee could have been secondary to injury and meniscal tear/ removal, while hip and spinal arthritis is unlikely to be directly related to the trauma, though it may have been caused secondary to constant wear and tear.
Hope this information is helpful.

Take care!
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