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Meniscus tear surgery

My daughter is a competitive gymnast that has just been diagnosed with a stress fracture and meniscus tear in her right knee. The doctor wants to do surgery to repair the meniscus.  We are going for a second opinion and I want to be able to know more about this tear, surgery, recovery time etc....
Can anyone help me?  If her pain in only coming from the stress fracture and not the tear, is it imperative that we have the surgery done?  If the surgery is done, is it possible that it doesn't work?  
Any help you can give me would be appreciated.
Thank you.
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A meniscus tear is a common knee injury that can cause pain in the joint. When the meniscus tear becomes symptomatic, arthroscopic surgery may be necessary.

Small number of peripheral tears will heal by themselves with immobilization in a cast. But for a professional gymnast the sports surgeon/ orthopedician might go for a repair, if done arthroscopically it will be a day care procedure. Recovery time will be fast as she is young and additionally immobilization for stress fracture is advised. After a month, she can start physiotherapy and if everything is fine in couple of months she can join training. Take care and follow up near the orthopedic surgeon as diagnosing the extent of tear is important at this stage.

Take care!
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