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Mild persistent pain at the back of my knee

Hi all, forgive me if this is posted in the wrong forum, I've never posted here before so hopefully, these type of questions are permitted.

I usually don't ask people online for medical advice, but seeing how my PT will be unavailable until July, I have to make an exception.

So as the title says, I'm facing a persistent but mild pain at the back of my knee that started a few months ago in February after I decided to go on a 10km walk each day.

Seeing as how I was not physically active as I used to be, I wanted to at least do something until I could afford to go back to the gym, and to go back to doing cardio like jogging or cycling. That is why I decided to take on a 10k walk each day to at least do something instead of sitting in front of my PC all day long.

Shortly after a few weeks of me doing that, each time I was out on a walk, I began to feel a slight pain at the back of my knee in my right leg which only worsened the more I pushed through it.

After noticing that, I decided to rest and let it pass using the RICE method. At this time the COVID quarantine started, so I wasn't able to go on walks as I used to and decided to use that time to rest my knee even more.

Fast forward to May and the end of quarantine, I started to go on my 10k walk routine again, only this time the pain came back quickly on the first day, starting again from mild to strong the more I go.

I knew there was something wrong when nothing changed over these 2 months, so I decided to google the problem to see if it was anything serious, and I couldn't find anything. The only thing that I did find is that it could be hamstring tendonitis, which seems to fit the description of my problem well. I have tight hamstrings, and overuse of them could have been the result of this, the only thing that I do not understand is, why did it only appear on one of my legs and not the other?

And that's why I'm here asking you guys, if you could give me any advice on what this problem might be and if there is any way to fix it.

Thanks in forward, and apologies for the long post.
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You're going to need to see an orthopedic surgeon to get a diagnosis. It could be several things, and a physical therapist can't really help much if they don't have a diagnosis.  My knee problem started in a similar way.  I was out running and the pain manifested at first at the back of my knee.  It has variously been diagnosed as a knee sprain, torn meniscus, patella tendonitis. and we just don't know.  Hopefully you'll get a more definitive diagnosis than I have.  But you have to see the right professional to find out.  You will probably be sent for X-rays and an MRI.  Hope it works out.
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