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Minor knee pain

I play street hockey and while running during a game about 2 weeks ago, I landed a bit awkwardly on my right foot.  I felt like I had jammed or very slightly hyperextended my knee.  The pain was moderate and after a day or so it was all but gone.

I have suffered no 'real' injury from this, as I am able to walk, run, work out, etc. with no issues or loss of performance.

However, since the event I've noticed that my knee aches after I play hockey.  This lasts for about 24 hours and then fades.  It's quite minor compared to many of the ailments other people experience, but I'm eager to hear from anyone who has a diagnosis or suggestion on how to treat this.
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The most common reason for this is a minor or a partial ligament tear.
You need to ice your knee for any inflammation and take anti inflammatory drugs and rest for few days.
If your pain subsides you can do exercises to strengthen the ligament after healing and then can take active sport again may be after a month.

If you consult an orthopedician for proper examination and diagnosis it will be good for you.

Take care!
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Hi Doctor,

Thank you for your advice.  I am surprised to read that you believe it's a slight ligament tear, but you are the expert and I am not so I will trust your judgment!

To clarify, the pain I feel is very minor - more of an ache than a specific localized sharp pain - and I only feel it for 24-48 hours after I play, then it subsides.  I have not observed any swelling whatsoever.  Would this information impact your diagnosis? I only play once or twice per week so I do give the knee lots of rest.

In any event, if you have more to offer on this subject, I look forward to hearing from you.  I will certainly be taking your advice and asking my personal doctor to take a look at it.

Thanks again!
In any event, I will take the additional step of

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