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Multifocal Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis

I am a 30 yr old female who has a multitude of orthopedic issues. These include Osteoporosis (numerous fractures with little to no trauma) osteoarthritis of most joints, hearing loss ect ect. I have recently been tested for genetic disorders related to connective tissue but am awaiting results. In 2001 I also had Diffuse Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis in my left knee. I underwent an open front & back total synovectomy followed by 28 external beam radiation treatments. I luckily have been PVNS free since. Recently I have been having wrist pain and swelling that I thought may be arthritis. I saw a wrist specialist who thought I had a TFCC tear but it appears to be focal PVNS in my wrist. I am currently waiting for my doctors to meet and make a plan on what they want to do. I am concerned because I thought PVNS was thought to only occur in ONE JOINT not multiple joints. Could this be something else? If so what are the possibilities? If it is PVNS are there any genetic disorders that make you more prone to this disease? Could I have it in other joints also?  I am trying to become my own advocate and getting as much info as possible before meeting with my doctors. Thank you in advance for your help!!!
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PVNS is radiologically diagnosed by Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). The disorder is difficult to identify and is often not diagnosed for four years or more after presentation due to nonspecific symptoms or a general paucity of symptoms. Once PVNS is confirmed by biopsy of the synovium of an affected joint, a synovectomy of the affected area is the most common treatment. Bone lesions caused by the disorder are removed and bone grafting is performed as needed. Because diffuse PVNS has a relatively high rate of recurrence, radiation therapy may be considered as a treatment option. In some cases, a total joint replacement is needed to relieve symptoms when PVNS causes significant joint destruction
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