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Multiple Knee Dislocations - Solution?


Im 20, male, relatively healthy but overweight, have dislocated my knee multiple times playing sport. Had surgery after teh 2nd dislocation about 3 years ago, they removed some bone fragments and as far as I know "cut" some ligaments to make the joint and patella more stable.

I was sort of "rushed" for the surgery as it was just a few months before I was set to go to America on a sports scholarship so I had a lot of rehab to do etc, I did it and it was still problematic, I played with a full knee brace but it never felt stable and was frequently painful.

After my time in America I got myself very fit, dropped weight (Im overweight but not obese) and kept up the strengthening of the joint. I spoke with my specialist and he said that the only option would be, surgically, to take a slice out of the tibia and basically re-align my leg, the chances of the surgery going well and me being able to play sport again normally weren't high, he said 60% at best and that was a "last resort".

Since then my knee has dislocated again, right knee. I have the same problems with my left knee but it hasn't gone out, the specialist did suggest that they "stabilise" that knee much the same as they did on the other but I elected against it.

I wear patealla supports on both knees during any exercise and still I have dislocated my knee again. I want to know what options I have going forward, what can be done that it doesnt dislocated anymore and I dont mean rehab, the specialist told me the problem stems from the angle of my leg in comparison to the patella, its "aligned" somewhat wrong or abnormal and hence more unstable than most other people.

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