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Must I stop using computer - have tennis elbow

I developed Tennis Elbow 2 months back. Went to see Orthopaedic 2 weeks back and started Icing twice a day, wearing armband brace etc. but not much improvement.  I know all sites say for Tennis Elbow you should REST your affected hand. But can someone pls specify what is the scope of that REST? Does it just avoid any stressful, forceful, pain causing activities or does it mean STOP using that hand completey? Also, I am office worker and need to use computer in my daily routine- use it with frequent breaks in between- abt. 4 hours daily in total. Does Rest mean Stop using Computer?  Has anyone with Tennis Elbow used Moist Heat Therapy alternatively with Ice therapy and found that type of treatment plan effective?
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I have rested my elbow totally and for some other reason which I don't know, its flared up again.
My LEFT elbow started hurting last summer when I went through a couple of weeks of intensive tennis playing. With rest it would go away, but any time I overdid it, it would flare up again.
About 4 months ago, I stopped playing altogether, but about a month ago it started hurting again. I had no idea what it was. There have been no changes in my routine, except for one. I just leased a new car that had manual transmission. I drive a lot and with the stick shift in my right hand I drive exclusively with my left.
I was wondering if you had any recent changes in your routine. I see you're on the computer a lot, but that would usually result in carpal tunnel's wouldn't it?

I've seen tennis players using an air cast while playing, and they swear by it. I'm planning on getting one. Have you considered it?

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I also have been suffering with tennis elbow.  What are courses of treatment?  Nothing I've done so far has helped....icing, resting.....it just seems to be getting worse.
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I had the shots ice heat rest everything than surgery and I am 4 months post op and still have pain. Not sure what to tell you.
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I've had tendonitis, golfers and tennis elbow for over 2 years (it started with tendonitis).  I don't play my clarinet anymore, but being on the computer is my job.  All of my doctors keep telling me to go back to physical therapy without much else to treat it with.  
I think I'm more frustrated than in pain at this point-although the pain is regular and long-lasting.

I try to rest my arms as much as possible-but thats only nights and weekends, I think the rest they really need is more like several months to bring down inflation, and build healthy muscle in addition to correcting any scarred tissue from the stress on your elbow/tendons/nerves.
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