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My lumbar feels compressed from the side when I breath

For many years I have a problem with breathing and speech, it feels like something is being squeezed under my rib, but only under one particular rib, the left 12th rib. Recently I realized that this squeezing/compression sensation actually came from the lumbar, it is weird how it seems to be aggrevated by that rib moving though. The lumbar that feels compressed is probably L1 or L2 based on my own feeling. I did x-ray and MRI and no significant problem was noted. the only problems I heard from various doctors I visited include an old compression fracture on L2 that is supposed to have healed, and a schmorl's node that the doctor also assured me won`t cause pain.

So in the end the doctors simply tell me it is probably muscle strain and I should just rest. the problem is, I have this symptom for at least 5 years by now probably a lot longer, so it doesn`t seem it will ever go away by itself. I don`t want to give up and just live like this as this compression feeling really makes me uncomfortable, and it makes speech difficult. What can I do at this point to find out more?
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