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Neck shoulder arm head pain and nerve pain

Hi all .
I have quite a complex problem that has not been diagnosed as of yet. I am 25 years old and for the past 5 years have been suffering from chronic pain. It began in my shoulder and pec muscles and it was thought it could have been a result of bad posture or bad posture as a result of the pain...chicken and egg scenario. My shoulder blades are different shapes as a result of this. Over the years and as the pain has increased i have so many tender places along the band of muscles on the upper left side of my body including the shoulder (under and above scapula) muscles going to my neck, the band of muscles above the ribs, the arm muscles and hands, If i press any of these points it shoots pain everywhere on my upper side. So the muscle aches are concentrated to my shoulder,neck,pec and arm. Over the years i have developed weakness in these muscles and now have a tremor when i raise my arm,problems grasping things and cramp in my hand. I am certain this is a result of the muscles not being able to work properly and have likely siezed and shortened. The main problem is that now ( in the last year ) i have a very painful nerve type pain that goes all the way down my left arm into my hand and also my eye and temple and above my ear (side of head) it is very tender and i amn in a lot of pain. sometimes i feel this nerve pain in my shoulder too. Also i get shooting pains down my left leg,..this is new too.

I have no pain in my right side at all.

I have been referred to orthapedic consultant and no one else despite this most likely being a nerve problem.
I have had an MRI of my shoulder and x-ray of my wrist, and neck. (4 years ago) NO MRI OF SPINE, HEAD, NECK although the Dr has ordered an MRI of my neck this month. The bones and joints appear healthy,. nerve testing indicated my nerves were working ok (3 years ago)  No tests have been done on my arteries and no bone scans.  Physiotherapy and chiropractor..not intensive enough to make a difference. Deep tissue massage helps ease muscle pain and stretches also help to ease the pain.

Codeine and anti inflammatories do not touch the pain. I have been prescribed AMITRIPTYLINE and GABAPENTIN to help with the nerve pain.

My GP gave me a potential diagnosis of Cervical nerve impingement. The consultant Orthapeadic believed the issue to be in the neck and will see post MRI of neck. GP also said possible neuralgia hence neuropathic pain in my face...but do these two add up?

I am frustrated and in so much pain it tires me and gets me down. The condition is debilitating and at only 25 i really need this to improve but private care and alternative therapy is too expensive so i;m just going along with the system.

Any help or advice would be so appreciated.

Thank you

Lauren, England
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Hey Lauren!

Well, without a clinical evaluation it would be difficult to determine the cause of your symptoms. Possibilities that may need to be considered include neuropathies, nerve compression/ impingement, muscular issues, spinal/ related causes, fibromyalgia, micronutrient deficiencies, hormonal/ endocrine issues etc. Since the few basic tests have been normal, I would suggest consulting an internist or preferably a rheumatologist at this time for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management. Meanwhile I would suggest continuing with physiotherapy. Warm compresses may also be useful for symptomatic relief aside the medications.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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thank you for your reply. most helpful.

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