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Need HELP..plantar fasciitis, MS?

Hi all,
Thanksgiving Day of 2007 I stepped out of bed to the feeling of glass/stepping on rocks in my feet. The pain has never subsided. If anything, it has gotten worse.
I went to an orthopaedic dr. at Vanderbilt back in 2008 and he sent me to have special arch supports and shoes made.  Also did steroid shots and of course home therapy, ice, stretching, etc. Very painful and did not help.
I now (started a few months ago) also have plantar warts bilaterraly. Saw podiatrist 2 weeks ago, he froze them, said I'd be fine. He said that my left foot wart "looked" like it was to the bone. It is the most painful. And the pain from them has NOT gone away, in fact, they are worse.
My neurologist told me in 2009, after a "shock" test. Can't remember the name of it, but checks the continuity between brain and body part. She informed me that my problem could and probably is due to my MS. There is a lesion on sciatic nerve. I had also told her how awesome it feels to have my husband squeeze my foot so hard, like a vice grip. She said you couldn't do that with plantar fasciitis, defintely nerve. I can't squeeze them any longer due to plantar warts.
My left foot and lower leg now swell if on it for more than 5-10 minutes.
I am 35 years old. Was in great physical shape until that day. I have 4 children to care for. Now, I'm almost immobile, when I do move I am in a great amount of pain. "15 steps from couch to door, UGH"!
Some tell me to keep going. Find an orthopaedic surgeon, someone that willl do the surgery.
I also have dx of Multiple Sclerosis "PPMS", Ehlers Danlos Syndrome "classical", and diabetes 2 (diet controlled, yes I keep it very controlled".
So, I think all these things go through docs mind and he/she doesn't look objectively at my feet. There is something VERY wrong with my feet and I can't get anyone to say anything but get in the stupid wheelchair. NO!
Or perhaps, I need to suck it up and accept defeat. It's just everything in my gut says my feet need a caring doctor who will perhaps do an x-ray or MRI and see that there REALLY is something very wrong.
Please help me!
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