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Need help about spine abscess

Hi, I got an abscess on my back in between spine and the right side of the hip. It is as big as a palm size. The doctor suspected that it might be a Tuberculosis and at first I took a PPD test which was positive and then sputum test which was negative. Then the doctor advised to start the TB course therefore I started taking Ethanbutol, pyrazanamide, benedon, etc.. The MRI showed: " that there is a large abscess in the lower lumbar region and Edema is noted in the right erector spinae muscle and left gluteus maximus muscle. Bone marrow edema is noted in the right liliac bone with focal area of bone destruction and there is a probable skeletal tuberculosis"  The course started in initial december and still i didnt see any changes in the abscess...hence the doctor suggested that we can drain it by aspreading the abscess and send the culture for AFB tests. Hence we drained the abscess and sent for two tests. 1) Culture and antibiotic susceptibility test and 2) Culture for AFB. The First test stated that No epithelial cell, many pus cells and no organism seen. and no growth in culture.
2) the second test Culture for AFB is about to come next week.

Im worried that even after draining.. the abscess grew and its the same size as it was before..can any one please tell me what kind of infection is this...Im taking these medications regularly without fail. Im not having any cough and cold symptoms. Im really feeling terrible..I know that I have to take these medications up to a year..But how long will it take to cure the abscess ?? Can some one please explain me in detail..if you have similar experiance..

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