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Need help, severe atrophy of Quadraceps muscle despite physical therapy.

not sure if anyone has an idea. I spent 8 days in a coma and after coming out, my left quad muscles were weak and the feeling from hip to knee was gone on the surface with a deep ache. some numbness contiues down the front of my  lower leg towars the ankle.

I fell several times on my left knee following release, and my doctor says I've got fluid on my knee. my patella does NOT track when my leg is straight, and is more toward the interior side of the joint area, and the joint is swollen about 2x the size of the other knee.

he's a PCP and I'm going to ask for him to do the aspiration. I've been in physical therapy 3x a week for 6 weeks with no improvement.
an exam proved all other muscle groups/tendons to be working fine except for the quads, my upper left quads. as a matter of fact the other muscle groups have strengthened to compensate for the quads

the muscle won't fire at all, no twitch, nothing, leading my leg to go out from under me if bent more than just a bit with weight on it . the muscles are seriously atrophied, about 1/2 the size of my other thigh in front.

anyone have any tips or ideas on why it's just that particular area thats got a problem?  I have 2 little ones that don't walk, and I cant risk falling with either one of them.

I've got a doctors appointment in a few days, and plan to ask questions and have him do the various ligament tests after the aspiration
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It sounds like you need an EMG to find out what's going on with the nerve that supplies the Quads. The numbness indicates that it could be nerve related as well.

The quadriceps muscles are supplied by the femoral nerve  which is formed by L2-4 nerve roots, the problem might be at one of these levels or somewhere in route. Just a thought.
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Thanks alot. My PT mentioned biofeedback as well, would this help with that as well?  and do you have any idea if the femoral nerve is one that can grow back/repair itsself?

I have some nerve damage in my hands resulting in numb pinky fingers (wierd I know) and was told by both my Dr. and PT that those nerves grow back and eventually I'll get feeling in those fingers back so I wonder if it's the same with the Femoral nerve..


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