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Need help understanding lower back xray


I have been experiencing lower back pains (actually feels more like the back right side of my pelvis) for the past 10 years or so.

The pain started during military service (in regards to heavy loads, as best as i can remember) and in the past 2 months escalated to periodical heat spots and tingling in the right foot.

I attached an x-ray image i need to get a second opinion on, as i feel the area which the pain stems from is not covered entirely.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, the pain is mainly when i am sitting (proper orthopedic chair at the office).

Many thanks in advance for anyone willing to put in the time to help me
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I am happy to hear!
thank you for your input, I hope that i have a similar case so i can find a solution that does not involve surgery
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I get the same pain.  I had an MRI done and have 4 bulging disc.  They press on my sciatic nerve which runs through both butt cheeks/hips and down to your legs.  Sometimes it is a pain sooooo deep in my butt cheek that I use a tennis ball and roll on it just to get relief.  And it shots down my legs too and give me that tingle feeling.  Good luck, and hope it gets better soon.  I live in pain and finally found some relief with a chiropractor, since I am afraid of surgery.
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