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Need some help, is there anyone else who has Tarlov Cysts

Want to know if anyone has got Tarlov Cyst and what has been done for them.
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Hello Dear

Tarlov cysts are meningeal dilations of the posterior spinal nerve root sheath that most often affect sacral roots and can cause a progressive painful radiculopathy. Tarlov cysts are most commonly diagnosed by lumbosacral magnetic resonance imaging and can often be demonstrated by computerized tomography myelography to communicate with the spinal subarachnoid space. The cyst can enlarge via a net inflow of cerebrospinal fluid, eventually causing symptoms by distorting, compressing, or stretching adjacent nerve roots. It is generally agreed that asymptomatic Tarlov cysts do not require treatment. When symptomatic, the potential surgery-related benefit and the specific surgical intervention remain controversial.
Despite advancements in diagnosis, there remains a great deal of controversy regarding the optimal treatment of symptomatic Tarlov cysts. Nonsurgical therapies include lumbar CSF drainage and CT scanning guided cyst aspiration neither of which prevents symptomatic cyst recurrence. Neurosurgical techniques for symptomatic perineurial cysts include simple decompressive laminectomy, cyst or nerve root excision and microsurgical cyst fenestration and imbrication.Although no consensus exists on the definitive treatment of symptomatic Tarlov cysts, it is believed  that surgical methods have yielded the best long-term results to date  
Refer  http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/461107

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Thanks for the response to my question and was wondering if most hospitals in the UK deal with this or are there Specialist Hospitals one would have to go to get treatment.

Also if  you have non surgical treatment how long is one in hospital and what is the recovery time.

If one has surgical treatment again how long in hospital and what is the recovery time from this.
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