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Non-displaced fractured fibula won't heal--what to expect from surgery?

Oy if it's not one thing it's another, yes?  I fractured right ankle fibula AGAIN (last time was 4 years ago).  BTW, also had small ligament tear in previous fracture.  Doc says fracture in "good" place, at end of fibula, but that tip of bone is "broken off " which to me doesn't sound so good.  

After 6 weeks in boot/crutches fracture is not healing as expected.  Doc says ligaments may be preventing bone from reattaching and mentioned possible ligament surgery (just a "small cut").   Gotta love doc's positive attitude!  Have another appt in 3 weeks for x-ray and diagnosis/treatment plan.  

Has anybody had a similar injury treated with ligament surgery?  What can I expect as far as recovery time?   Will I be able to play softball soon?   How about stationary bicycle after surgery?  At this point if I had the choice between jumping off a bridge and inactivity with more crutches I'd take the former  :)  

Thanks for listening.
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If the healing is not good after 6-8 weeks the orthopedic surgeon will attempt a surgery to attach the displaced part of the bone.

The healing depends on proper blood supply to the distal end and with surgery and time you can develop anastomosis.

Once the healing is fine in 8-12 weeks you can start sports. Go progressively and do not exert and attempt anything presently to further damage your fracture.

Follow up with your orthopedician.

Take care!

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Your injury sounds similar to my teenage son's.  Original break June in 2009.  Re broke Dec. 2009.  Still not healed - non union of distal fibula.  He is out of cast and rehabbing - starting sports again  even with non union - can't keep him down. We are going to an ankle specialist next week - most comments we are getting are he needs a surgery with graft.  Never any ligaments mentioned.  How did your surgery go?  I assume it is only a matter of time until same thing happens unless he gets surgery.  Will see what ankle Dr. says.  What to do......
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