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Numb toe, foot discomfort and leg cramps

Hi, For longer than I can remember, the pinkie toe on my left foot has been numb, sometimes it hurts to touch it. Lately, often, but not always, it feels like there is a lump on the bottom of my foot when I walk. It's towards the outside of the left foot. In addition, I often have severe leg cramps in my lower/left back of leg that shoot down and freeze my foot into a weird position.  I went to a podiatrist when it was just the toe numbness. He thought it might be a neuroma. I got a shot of cortizone. Didn't help. I gave up on it and figured I'll just deal with it. But now the lump feeling and the cramp is just driving me crazy.
Any suggestions what it may be, or what kind of DR I should see. Should I get an MRI. X-rays really do show much.
Thank in advance.
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Your family doctor should be able to give you some answers and point you in the right direction. Sounds like it's either a nerve problem, a vascular/blood supply problem, or both.

A few questions:

How old are you?
Do you have diabetes?
Describe your toe pain when it hurts: shocking, burning, aching, dull, etc?
When does the leg pain occur: sitting, walking, walking uphill/downhill, randomly, etc?
Do you have numbness or tingling anywhere else, other toes, etc?
Do you have a history of heart disease or a family history of heart disease or stroke?
Chest pain or shortness of breath?
Any back or hip pain?
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Thank you.

A few questions:

How old are you? 45
Do you have diabetes? no
Describe your toe pain when it hurts:  aching, dull,
When does the leg pain occur:   randomly,  
Do you have numbness or tingling anywhere else, other toes, etc? no
  family history of heart disease
Chest pain or shortness of breath? no
Any back or hip pain?  2 herniated disks lower back, they don;t hurt
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Thank you for writing back to this person, I have identical symptoms and read your reply but have different answers to your questions, can you redirect me?

i am 47
i dont have diabetes
toe pain is strange numbness, and wierd lump under pinky and next toe on left foot
walking mostly, but worse when i stand up
chest pain and shortness of breath, sometimes
bad lower back pain, butt pain down to knee and deep painful calf knots.

I also have  lumpy knots under shoulder blade on my right upper back, very painful.

any insights or redirection is much appreciated.

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