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Numbness After Knee Replacement Surgery

I had right knee replacement surgery 5 days ago. And after surgery, I have numbness in my right foot. I cannot flex my foot backward at all. My surgeon said it may take weeks or even months for the feeling return. The numbness caught me totally by surprize. I am so worried the feeling won't return. I walk with a walker, but have tripped several times due to my toes turning under when I put weight on my foot and take a step with my right foot. If anyone has experienced this problem and would like to share, I would so appreciate it as I haveven't talked to anyone about it. I would be  relieved to know I have nothing to worry about. Please share.
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Hi Rhonda,
How are you feeling now?
How was your surgery? Were there any complications? Did the doctor say anything that while operating he injured some nerve?
I feel during the surgery he would have injured one of the nerve which supplies down till foot and toe.
The same nerve divides and re-divides to supply all parts down knee.
The fact that you are having numbness and pain on same leg of operation supports the fact that nerve might be injured.
Peripheral nerve they grow at a rate of 1mm/day, hence it will take time for healing.
I think you should take help of physiotherapy and pain management specialist for your knee replacement surgery.
Alternatively, you can try a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS), which is an electronic device that produces electrical signals used to stimulate nerves through unbroken skin. The unit is usually connected to the skin using two or more electrodes. TENS works to decrease pain perception and may be used to control acute and chronic pain. It helps in regenerating nerve.
Nerves regenerate, or heal, at a rate 1 millimeter/day. The only nerves that can regenerate are the nerves outside of the spinal cord, or peripheral nerves. The nerves in the spinal cord, once damaged, cannot regenerate. However, if the peripheral nerve is severely damaged or stretched it may never heal.
Hope this helps you.
Keep me informed about disease progression.
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I had knee arthroscopy two weeks ago and have been experiencing the same problems and was relieved to find out that I am not the only one. I have spoken to my doctor's office several times about my foot tingling and hurting, but they do not seem too concerned about it. They said it was possibly the nerve block wearing off, but since it's been two weeks, I am not sure that is the case. I was told to prop my leg up and ice it after being on it all day. When I go to get my stitches out I will find out more of what may be going on.
By the way, has the feeling in your foot returned?
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I had knee replacement surgerry over a year ago , and the toes and the upper part of my foot is still numb and tingly and it hurts to walk without a shoe on. The Doctor tried to blame it on the fact that my feet are flat and with the knee replacement I have changed the way that I walk, he said that in time my foot would be ok, but it is not ok. I 'm looking for a nerve specialist to look at my foot.
good Luck           Maudeen
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I had my left knee replaced in Feb 2006.  After the surgery my left foot tingled.  After a period of time the tingle changed into pain located in my big toe.  At this point more than 2 1/2 year after the surgery the pain in the toe is spreading so that most of my left foot hurts.  I believe when he was working of the knee he must have damage a nerve that services the foot.
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i,ve had both knees done one in 2010 and the other 2011 am stell haveing numness in both knee and pain on both side. and also a cross the bottom of the knee, pain at night or when am setting and restting. its been almost two yrs for my right and one yr for the left.they both get stif when i walk for long time will they ever get any better.
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