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ORIF right ankle 8 months ago


I had ORIF on my right ankle eight months ago. Broke both sides and two plates and screws put in. It was a slow recovery and I ended up with two DVTs to my right leg. Anyways my ankle is still very swollen even in support stockings. I wake up in the morn it looks great but an hour into the day it swells. I have pain on and off during the day when I walk esp getting up after sitting down. My last xrays looked great. Is it normal to have swelling still and pain on and off? My ankle is still very stiff and I am unable to walk without gym shoe. My regular shoes feel very funny and walking without a shoe is impossible. I am on blood thinners and am able to keep my inr in check. What do I do about swelling and pain? Is it normal?
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Hi there!

While mild swelling would be considered to be within the normal limits, if it gets better with leg elevation; more than mild swelling that fails to respond to leg elevation could be a reason for concern. The swelling could result from pressure to lymph/ blood vessels or inadequate drainage by keeping the leg down and immobile for long periods. To prevent this it is advised to keep the leg elevated as much as possible and take short walks at regular intervals. Physiotherapy may be useful in strengthening calf muscles and improving the drainage. I would suggest discussing the option with your doctor.
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