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Old Thigh Injury

Hiya all....

About 18 months ago I carried a washing basket down stairs, the stairs had no carpet (decorating). I fell about half way down banging my left thigh multiple times!! Needless to say it was MEGA painful!!!

I had a bruise about 2 hand sizes down my outer thigh which was purple/black! (Not exaggerating), took about 4 weeks to go. In the mean time, walking, lying on it or touching it was painful. I worked in orthopaedics at the time and shown a staff member the bruise who didn't seem concerned. ??tissue damage. Never had it checked out officially.

18 months later - I'm limping when I walk now (I'm 36). Hurts from sitting to standing, walking and still hurts to lie on my left. Sometimes it feels like a dull throb.

I feel kinda daft reporting this now 18 months on...doesn't hurt to touch. The only difference I have now is my hip clicks. I'm sure people think I'm putting it on as it's been so long since I injured it....
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