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Orthopedic birth defects - feet

Hello dear medical helpers
i am in a relationship with a boyfriend that has been born with orthopedic abnormalities with his feet and even today can not walk perfectly and has problems with finding appropriate comfortable shoes. We haven`t spoken a lot on this topic, he just told me that he had a few operations for healing that and that that foot abnormality is genetic, but that in his family is not often. He knows that some grandfather of him had been the last case till today. Now i am pretty concerned that one day our children can be born with such abnormality and would like to ask if there is that could be solved with success and the child could walk normally after treatments/operations. I would also like to know if that kind of abnormalities can be found out during the pregnancy or if DNA analyse of my boyfriend`s blood could reveal whether there exist that kind of genes or not.
Thank you in advance for any answer.
Best regards,
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