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Orthoscopic Knee Surgery

Has anyone had any experience with having knee surgery to correct osteoarthritis?

I am scheduled to have orthoscopic knee surgery on my right knee to correct problems I am having related to osteoarthritis. Does this type of surgery prevent osteoarthritis from returning? Is this surgery safe? What is recovery like after surgery?

Any information anyone has regarding this topic will be greatly appreciated.
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Treatment of Osteoarthritis consists of exercise, manual therapy, lifestyle modification, medication and other interventions to alleviate pain. If these fail then you go for surgery. Joint replacement surgery may be required. Individuals with very painful OA joints may require surgery such as fragment removal, repositioning bones, or fusing bone to increase stability and reduce pain.
Arthroscopic surgical intervention for osteoarthritis of the knee have been found to be no better than placebo at relieving symptoms.
So discuss all the pros and cons with your surgeon and every case differs from the other.

Take care!

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Hello Gig4647,
I have knee replacement in March 20th of this year, I am doing great. If you want to know more please let me know,I will be glad to tell you more.. Now I am just waitning to have my other knee done.
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