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Osteochondroma surgery

My son was DXed with an Osteochondroma when he was about 10 yrs.old.  He is 16 now and going into Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Nashville, Tn on Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2009 to have it removed.  I actually have a few questions.  

1) Since the tumor is grapefruit size and on his femur will he have to have plates and screws?
2) How long will he have to walk on crutches?
3) Will he have to wear a cast?

Thanks Rhonda Mohar
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For osteochondroma surgeries it is always important to remove the lump till the normal bone is reached.
If the tumor is small and there is no bone removal then he might not need plates and screws, which are used as tools of support for recovery.

He might need 2 weeks of rest and then he can go for active movements with decrease of the surgical pain.

Often after an injury or surgery, a patient undergoes a period of immobilization to allow the injured area or surgical site to heal properly and to reduce the risk of further damage so he will need crutches and cast for initial period.

A below knee partial weight bearing cast may be required if the lesion is excised from distal femur.

Take care!
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