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Osteomyelitis in ankle

Hi.  Posted before.  I have been diagnosed with chronic osteomyelitis of my left ankle.  I am going to be doing surgery on thursday 4 June.  I was told that i would be sent home after about 5 days with a picc line and given a visiting nurse to administer antibiotics for six weeks.  Has anyone been through this?  
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Hi. I am currently home after 8 days in the hospital with a PICC line.  I have a nurse come by daily to clean and repack the wound in my foot and administer antibiotics.  I developed Toxic Shock after foot surgery and hardware placement. I had Osteomyelitis which resulted in the removal of significant bone in my foot during an emergency surgery. I'm still nerves about the Osteomyelitis spreading or coming back, yet my Doc tells me not to worry. Hey, it's not his foot!  
As for the Nurse visits; WATCH everything they do. Wash hands when they come in. New Gloves to set up drip line, alcohol Clean PICC line, saline flush PICC prior to placement of drip line, alcohol clean PICC after drip, saline flush again..  New gloves to remove bandages (which are directly placed in a trash bag), all necessary bandages, saline, packing material placed out prior to packing, NEW gloves, CLEAN scissors, when removing bandages.  Saline is used to help remove any bandage stuck to wound. Sterile strips are removed from wound with either sterile tweezers or new gloves.  NEW gloves are now used in repacking wound.  Get specific directions from doctor on how much to pack wound.  Mine was being severely over packed and tightly wrapped, which was causing severe pain and preventing healing. My Doc just wanted it lightly packed enough to keep it from closing and the bandage a bit thick for protection, but lightly wrapped.  So far, I've gone through three Nurses due to their carelessness.  Hoping the new one will be better.  As I was told, once you are Septic you will always be in fear it will cone back.  Thus the reason to be anal when it comes to cleanliness.  I have everything done on my bed and I have my sheets washed daily as well as dust and vacuum daily ( I have a CNA come in daily to help).  Good luck and hope this helps.  .  
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Osteomyelitis is infection of bone and as you have chronic osteomyelitis your line of treatment you expained in your post is perfect. Always remember that you have to stay clean and hygienic even after you come home and reduce the chances of infection completely. Take care and with proper treatment, care and support you will be fine.
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