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Outside Foot Electric Shock w/ Flex

I am 4mths post partum and prior to the last 3 years of being pregnant I was running 5 miles a day and doing yoga for 1hr a day.  Now after this baby I started to do some agressive yoga and I found that while in certain poses that I flex my foot I feel a sharp/electric shock like pain.  This is located below the ankle bone on the outside of the foot but closer to the bottom of the foot than to the ankle bone.  I have seen a chiropractor for an adjustment that did not work.  I have seen a podiatrist that said I have tendonitis and gave me a corticosteroid shot.  It had no effect.  I will not do that again.  I can run on it and have no other pain.  There is only this electric shock sensation while flexing.  Please help!!
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Any suggestions????  My podiatrist gave me a cortizone shot, it did not help.  I am off to the orthopaed in a few weeks.  
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hello again first off!

I was worried about you and how it went with baby #2--was it a boy?

Anyway, I have never had any problems with my feet Ever until I got pregnant with Ameera.  I have developed a condition in my toe that is similar type of pain.  I was suggested orthotics which, if I had the $500 I may have considered it.  I had a cortizone shot too and it hurt worse than the pain I was having--did not work a bit for me either.  Good Luck!
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