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Pain, popping and loss of function in L Shoulder

So a few weeks ago I woke up and my shoulder was hurting really bad. It was also popping and grinding. I didn't think much of it but now a few weeks later it still persists. Along with the pain and popping, I am also having a lot of trouble using my left arm.

I went and got an MRI this last Saturday and just got the results today. It is not a torn rotator cuff, but a bone spur in my shoulder. My doctor is pretty much telling me there is nothing that can be done and I will just have to deal with pain in it. I feel that maybe this is wrong, so my question is whether anything can be done about a bone spur in the shoulder to help improve function?
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I had a spur and calcified tendonitis they did arthroscopic debridement.  My symptoms started out the same way, just woke up with the pain one day.  I did have to have a second procedure (Bicep Tenodesis) done 4 months later, but on the plus side I am finally able use my arm again with little to no pain.  Hope you are feeling better soon.
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