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Pain after ACL reconstruction

I had ACL reconstruction (cadaver graft) in November of 2014. Now, over a year later I continue to have large amounts of swelling as well as pain almost constant. I often feel like my knee is hyper extending, or giving away. I have done 3 rounds of PT (each lasting 3-5 months) at the suggestion of my doctor. Nothing seems to be helping. I ice the knee frequently, and this does not relieve swelling nor pain. My doctor keeps saying the surgery was a success, but constant pain doesn't seem successful to me. I even went for a second opinion, which was difficult to find because no other doctors in my town would agree to see me. The second doctor said that "this just might be it", as in this is how my knee is going to be forever. I refuse to accept that at 23 years old, this will be my quality of life forever. I can't even take a flight of stairs without severe pain. Have you ever heard of anything like this happening?
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Yes, the old-boy network does not like to report on each other.
It is often easier to find a surgeon in a nearby city who is uninvolved in another city.

He will order a new MRI so see what has changed, Pain after 14 months is unusual and abs

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